Population genomics with pedigrees

Welcome to Chen Lab at the University of Rochester! We seek to understand the evolutionary processes that shape patterns of genetic variation over contemporary timescales. Much of our work combines genomics with extensive pedigree data from long-term demographic studies to answer questions in evolutionary biology and conservation genomics.

The Chen lab is recruiting motivated students and postdocs. Please get in touch if you’d like to join the team!


February 2019

Nancy was awarded a Sloan Research Fellowship, and Tiffany was named a Fulbright semifinalist. Hurray!

February 2019

First ever lab meeting! Also, welcome rotation grad students Rose Driscoll and Jeremy Summers.

January 2019

The Chen lab is growing! Intern Martha Hoffman, lab tech Lindsey Perrin, and undergrads Tiffany Dias and Matthew Le have joined the team.

January 2019

Read a nice commentary on our gene-dropping paper here.

December 2018

Our paper on using pedigrees to understand allele frequency dynamics is now out in PNAS!

September 2018

Welcome Tamanna! First person to join the Chen lab is undergrad Tamanna Bhatia.

July 2018

Made it to Rochester! The Chen Lab is officially open.

March 2018

Audubon writes a profile of Nancy: Why Nancy Chen Is Mapping the Family Tree of Florida Scrub-Jays

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